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The wait is over! Another Life, James’s brand new album on Jullian Records is available TODAY. You can purchase a copy for yourself on digital retailers, including iTunes and Amazon. The physical album is also available online in the James Maddock merchandise store. Click HERE to head there now and be one of the first to have the album sent right to your home. This includes those fans living outside the US – don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you!

Our deepest gratitude to everyone who donated during the PledgeMusic campaign -- this album would not be possible without your donations and support. We thank you for believing in this project and for being a part of the journey that has brought Another Life, well, essentially to life!

Produced by Matt Pierson and backed by the incredible multi-instrumentalist team of Tony Scherr and Larry Campbell, Another Life features thirteen original new songs, all written and crafted with that authentic James Maddock sound people have grown to love and connect so deeply with. There is an honest quality to James’s music that proves true once again on this 2013 release. From his ability to tell a story, to the croon in his voice, we’re reminded that perhaps the hopes and dreams we had for ourselves might just be a little bit bigger than we realized -- and that perhaps we all just want another life...

Again, let us extend a big welcome to the all-new James Maddock website. Continue to explore and check back often for content and all sorts of updates. To find out when James is playing in a town near you, visit the events page for a list of upcoming shows by clicking HERE. You’ll notice that James has two in-store events this week in celebration of the release. If you’re in the area, come on out for a special in-store performance and signing, first at Looney Tunes on Wednesday July 24th, and then at Vintage Vinyl in Jersey on Thursday July 25th. Both events begin at 7PM. See you there?

Meanwhile, we should probably mention that James just got back from a round of tour dates over in Italy… but if you follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and now on his new Instagram account, then this shouldn’t be news to you. But in case you’re just joining the social media party, we have a recap of the trip just for you in two brand new Tour Diary videos. Watch HERE (Volume 1) and also HERE (Volume 2), but beware of the dancing socks…

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We leave you with the Another Life Official Album Trailer embedded below. We hope you’ll watch it and share it with the James Maddock fans in YOUR life. 

Happy release day, folks! And thank you again for making this album a reality…